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Professor B.J. Fogg has a fun approach to changing habits. He has a program called Tiny Habits, and the concept is a simple way to ease you into new money habits.  This blog includes excerpts from an article on B.J. Fogg in

B.J. Fogg’s concept of Tiny Habits basically teaches you to break down your BIG Goal into tiny little actions that will build toward the big one.  For example, let’s say you’re not great at paying your bills on time, and you incur interest charges because life just gets too busy.  So your BIG GOAL would be to pay all bills on time and avoid interest.  That’s a tall order.  So let’s break it down into Tiny Habits! 

1. The First Tiny Habit:


Your money habit should be to Open and Read your Bills the Week in which you Receive Them. Pick a time and make this your “bill time”.  This time should be anchored to something else.  Maybe it is Tuesday after dinner when the kids are doing homework. Maybe it is Sunday morning over a cup of coffee with your partner. Put this in your calendar as a date with yourself.  Do this for a few weeks. Pat yourself on the back every time you do this.  If it doesn’t work, pick a new anchor. You will eventually find a time that works for you.

Keep this habit up until it works.  Yep, that’s all you have to do – open and read your bills after an anchor action every week to start.  That’s why B.J. Fogg calls them Tiny!

Common Routines from B.J. Fogg you can use as Anchors to form your Tiny Habits:

  • Pour coffee, set the cup down, sit down…open bills
  • Sit down on the train, pull out your mail…open bills
  • Load the dishwasher, close the door, pick up your mail, sit down…open bills
  • Walk in the door, set down your stuff, drop the mail on the counter…open bills

Let us know what happens when you tackle this tiny habit for the next couple of weeks. You may be surprised at the results. And don’t forget – cheer yourself on every time you remember. You’re on your way to bigger money successes.

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