Do You Plan your Money like You Plan a Vacation?

We’re going on vacation. Let’s pack.

 > Where you ask? Why does it matter?

 Oh I see.  You want to know what to pack.  Well, it’s very warm there….

> Hotel or Tent? Hiking or Pool side?  Um, a wonderful hotel with sports and a pool. Why?

 You’ll bring your pretty sandals and dinner dresses but not your big hiking boots.  Got it.

> Is it a domestic or foreign trip?  Oh yeah, good question. We’re going to South America. Why?

 We’ll need foreign currency and passports. Right – good reminder.

 > How long are we staying?  Well, I guess a whole week. Why?

 Oh right. The dog. Your boss. The size of your suitcase. And pairs of underwear. Makes sense.


> Can we plan our life a bit better than how I plan vacations? What do you mean?

 I seem to be adventurous, taking each day as it comes. But we have no vision and therefore don’t know how to plan ahead.  Hmmm. OK.  If we’re not prepared we can scramble around to fix things, but maybe planning ahead would have taken less time and less grief.  I see.

 If you don’t know where you’re going in life or don’t have personal goals, how can you prepare? Do you take more time planning your vacation than you do your future? 

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