Do You Use Money or Does It Use You?

Carl Richards is a Financial Planner in Utah and is also known as Sketch Guy, a regular contributor in Business Day.  His February 2015 article Rethinking Money, Not as Good or Bad but as a Tool in Business Day really caught my eye.  The reason? He changed his way of thinking about money. And he’s hit the mark.

Money is tied to emotional baggage – status, guilt, dreams, worry, you name it.  We develop attitudes and emotions toward it throughout our lives, and we’re all different.  This emotional baggage affects our behaviors and decisions, and sometimes even rules our lives. As Carl Richards suggests, money should be a tool, not coveted as a possession.  Changing our mindset can help.

How to Change Your Attitude Toward Money


 Carl Richards has been a Financial Planner working with people for  years; and has written a book about money.  Even with his experience  and knowledge, his perspective is just changing now. It’s only natural  that a lot of us haven’t reached that same mindset yet.  Here’s one way  to tackle it:

 1. Start with what’s important to YOU and your family.  What are your  personal dreams? What are your personal values? Do you wish to give  to charities? Do you want to pay for your children’s college education? 

 2.  Assess Your Current Status: What are you earning & spending,  what assets do you have? Do you have short term needs and longer  term needs?

 3. Begin prioritizing where the money goes based on your dreams.  They won’t all be realized in one day and that’s OK! Just getting started is the trick.

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Look for an Advisor with this Approach

Not all advisors work this way. Jaimie Blackman of BH Wealth Management uses his MoneyCapsules ® tool to walk his clients through this process.  He believes that your dreams and values are most important, and pushing product is a far second.

It’s nice to see advisors are slowly coming around to what really matters to clients and not their own wallets.

Get My Money Habits

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