You know, where you sit down with your other half and bare all, or tell them that their money habits are driving you CRAZY?  Maybe one of you is a Saver, and the other a Spender.  The Saver thinks the Spender is out of control, while the Spender thinks the Saver is a tightwad. You sort of skirt the money talk to avoid confrontation and keep peace in the marriage. There’s only one problem. You touch money just about every day. If issues don’t get resolved they fester, and erode trust or patience. There is a better way!

Merging Your Finances? – Where Do You Start?

Maybe you’re not quite sure how to mingle finances when you’ve both been so independent. You want to have your own private stash, while contributing to the household. Where do you start blending and working as a team, while wanting to keep your fun money (and their birthday present cost) private.  Since you don’t know where to begin, you end up in a panic when one or the other needs money for a household bill. It’s time to leave those college days behind!couples and money; couples watching sunset

Or maybe you’ve been busy building your wealth and bring a lot to the marriage. This wealth was built without your partner, and you feel those should be separate assets. You love your significant other very much, and after all, money is not love. Or so we say. Help is here!

Getting Married Again?

You’ve seen the havoc that takes place when a family doesn’t have their finances organized. You felt the pain when you had to find everything while going through a painful separation. This time around, you want transparency and a plan so you’re both working toward the same dreams, and you BOTH know where everything is.  Look no further.

When I coach couples, they come to me because romance is sacred, and they think the money talk will be so…confrontational…or almost dirty…because true love isn’t about the money. You’re right!  And yet, money conflict can destroy a marriage, or make you work harder than you have to because you’re rowing in different directions. 

What if you could invest 10 hours to make your marriage and money discussions easier for the rest of your life? Want to learn more?

Committed to Last – Created to Help Couples Talk About Money

IT’S BACK AGAIN! Please join me and Ivy Menchel from Sagemark Consulting for Committed to Last, a 5-session 10-hour workshop creating the financial foundation for a sustainable marriage. We are both Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, and see the frustrating, heartbreaking results of couples not talking with each other about money. We’d like to help you.

This discreet, private program for a small group of couples begins on June 3 2019 from 5:30-7:30 and continues for a total of 5 weeks. We do not talk about your actual numbers.


Questions? Give me a quick call  at carrierattle@behavioralcents.com or (914) 923-6081

I hope to see you there, because I know we can help. 

Your Personal Money Coach,


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