The Dirt on Building Good Money Habits

The Chief Scientist of the Rodale Institute, Dr. Kristine Nichols recently lectured on the importance of our country’s soil, and how its structure is breaking down.  In a few decades we may be unable to grow food on many farms in this country.

Apparently soil has a structure to it, including microbes that all work together. When disrupted, soil loses potency and effectiveness.  Dr. Nichols talked about dust bowls we experience in the mid-west now, that are similar to the 1930’s. She talked about flooding on farmland – not due to significant rainfall, but due to the lack of structure in the soil so it can’t absorb and hold water to feed plants.  Water sits on top and drowns them.


The Rain of Financial Knowledge

I started thinking about the rainfall and comparing it to the amount of knowledge broadcasted about money. If we have zero good money habits, it seems daunting to build a new structure of good habits. Money knowledge isn’t absorbed because we don’t know where to start.  If we have good money habits structured into our days, we can incorporate a bit more knowledge and strengthen our foundation. It becomes a reinforced loop.

Plant the Seed with One Good Money Habit

On average, we probably have around 50 “anchor” habits we do everyday – like brushing our teeth, turning on the shower, and kissing our kids goodbye.  These habits are the structure of our day. They pretty well always get done. The trick is to start building one good money habit in with our anchor habits. Eventually it becomes natural and not work.  And boy, does the load on our shoulders start disappearing – one small, successful habit at a time.

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Get My Money Habits

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