Group Coaching

Client Peer Support

Reduces Shame. Increases Connection.

Peer Support & Learning

The Stopping Overshopping Group Program is a comprehensive 12-week experience designed to teach specific skills, tools, and strategies to help clients eliminate overshopping. Group coaching offers a powerful, time-tested combination of peer support, encouragement, and feedback under the guidance of a trained professional. The presence of others with the same addiction helps members bear their isolation, failure, guilt, and pain, and greatly reduces their fears of judgment and humiliation. Further, group coaching helps break through the denial of the destructive behavior, leading to awareness rather than avoidance of the problem.


Highly supportive, the group has educational and experiential components and includes homework and goal setting each week. We work through Dr. Benson’s book “To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop” along with the companion journals.

The time is 75 minutes per session, and the group is typically capped at 3-5 people to ensure they receive attention. The focus is on changing problematic buying behavior, and the program employs a wide array of techniques to achieve this goal. Group members discover triggers, cues, and consequences of their overbuying, learn specific tools, strategies, and techniques to break the cycle of overspending, gain control, and develop mindfulness and increased capacity to use their “wise mind” in making decisions.

The tools include CBT, Motivational Interviews, a Money Autobiography, and Money Dialogue just to name a few. The groups are facilitated by Carrie Rattle, CEO of Stopping Overshopping who clinically trained under Dr. April Benson for 14 months.

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