Guided Self Help Tool

The Urge Strikes Self-Help Tool

We’ve developed a powerful in-the-moment tool called The Urge Strikes that you can use, in real time, when the urge to shop or spend strikes.

The Urge Strikes is a guided self-help tool that can help you significantly reduce your overshopping and overspending. When you purchase The Urge Strikes, you are given a code to access the tool, which resides within an app called Mentegram.

When you have an urge or you find yourself beginning to shop, you open the Mentegram app and use The Urge Strikes guided self-help tool.

Using The Urge Strikes Guided Self-Help Tool:

  • You’ll investigate and assess the strength of your urge, your mood, your thoughts and feelings, triggers, and potential consequences of your proposed purchase. Each question includes relevant prompts to choose from that will help you zero in on the problem.
  • You’ll identify your authentic needs and think about how you might meet those needs positively, even in a small way, right in the moment, rather than succumbing to a self-defeating over shopping urge.  
  • You’ll also be prompted to ask yourself and answer six critical questions that will help you develop the ability to take a pause and make more mindful decisions when the urge strikes.

You’ll have access to this tool 24/7 on your phone, tablet, or your computer for 3 months. Using this powerful and effective instrument, you’ll be able to monitor your proposed purchase calmly and rationally. It will take just a few minutes, and the time, energy, and money you’ll save by pausing and thinking this through will be well worth it.

What is the cost? The fee for the Urge Strikes Guided Self-help tool  is $39.95 for three months of unlimited use of the tool. 

To see the the tool in action click here.

What If I Want More Individualized Help?   If you want more individualized help, we offer guided self-help coaching for use with the Urge Strikes Guided Self-Help tool. Click here for more details.

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