Go Ahead–Start Your Decluttering with the Easiest Step

What would be the toughest place for you to start decluttering your home? It might be family heirlooms, items of sentimental value, books or another family member’s clutter. Becoming Minimalist blogger Joshua Becker says identify what would be most difficult for you, and then start somewhere else. Beginning with the most difficult areas is the most daunting, and really not necessary. “Build up little victories and momentum by clearing the clutter from your automobile, a drawer, your living room…,” says Becker. This provides the momentum to move on to more difficult areas, which you’ll get to when you’re ready.


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By Carrie Rattle

Carrie Rattle is a Principal at BehavioralCents.com, a website for women focused on mind and money behaviors. She has worked in the financial services industry for 20+ years and hopes to inspire women to better prepare themselves for financial independence. Read More