Hypnosis Tapes for Compulsive Buying: One More Useful Tool

Few of us still picture hypnosis as it was once featured; pocket watch pendulating, subject getting drowsy, trance induction. While hypnosis has undergone an enormous sea change in the last century, beginning with Freud, it’s therapeutic potential has been evident for over one hundred years. A long-standing arrow in our psychological quiver, the ways we apply hypnosis have continued to grow.  To date, hypnosis has been studied as an effective treatment for pain, anxiety, and mood disorders and has been shown to help individuals combat addictions and change longstanding undesirable habits. As a standalone treatment, it’s unlikely to hit a bullseye; in combination with other tools, techniques, and strategies, however, it can be quite powerful.

While we currently have very little scientific literature regarding the application of hypnosis to compulsive buying behavior, one 2013 study led by researchers at the University of Salento in Italy has made headway by taking a first crack at understanding the relationship between hypnosis and compulsive purchasing.  These researchers developed the concept of Consumer Hypnotic-Like Suggestibility (CHLS), which they defined as “an altered state of consciousness causing a tendency to respond positively to messages aimed at inducing consumers to make unplanned purchases.” The study showed that higher levels of CHLS correlated with higher rates of compulsive buying behaviors.

A high level of suggestibility is a double edged sword; it can be both a part of the problem and a part of the solution.  If you’re someone with high CHLS, you might find yourself more inclined toward overshopping; you’re also likely, though, to be more responsive to making good use of one or both of the hypnosis tapes that are now available to stem the tide of your compulsive buying behavior.

The Stop Compulsive Shopping hypnotherapy tape developed by Bayside Psychotherapy in Australia is an evocative 25 minute MP3 that encourages reflection on the almost absurd lengths to which one might go in order to continue shopping compulsively. The Shopping Addiction and Stop Impulse Buying hypnotherapy tapes created by hypnosis experts at hypnosisdownloads.com promote understanding of the emotions that fuel overshopping and how to productively redirect that emotional energy. Both of these tapes, each in a different way, helps the listener become more attuned to the psychological aspects of his or her compulsive buying behavior and provides yet another tool for creating that all important space between impulse and action, the place where real, lasting change can occur.

Adding this highly affordable tool to the other strategies that you’re using to let go of compulsive buying behavior could be quite empowering. As part of our ongoing mission to enhance the lives of consumers everywhere, half of the commission that Stopping Overshopping, LLC receives will be donated to The Center for a New American Dream.

By Carrie Rattle

Carrie Rattle is a Principal at BehavioralCents.com, a website for women focused on mind and money behaviors. She has worked in the financial services industry for 20+ years and hopes to inspire women to better prepare themselves for financial independence. Read More