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Financial Therapy & Coaching

Helping You Thrive

When you realize you need help with your finances or overshopping, its because your behaviors are not aligned with your values. That’s why you’re here.

As a Financial Therapist, my commitment to you is not just about helping you with your finances or to stop compulsive/overshopping. You are behaving in a certain way driven by money beliefs, emotions, or embedded habits that have become subconscious.

Each of you is unique, and our coaching offers many solutions with the intent of helping you find what works for your particular life. We take it further by helping you find everyday healthy substitutes beyond overspending or material items, that fill your needs and your soul.

As a Financial Therapist with both a specialty in compulsive shopping and financial coaching, my team is unique in the country and poised to help you with all of your needs.

We help you take control, feel confident, and thrive.

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