Private Coaching for Overshopping

Private Coaching

You prefer individual attention, and want a thought partner to identify the mindset shifts needed to shake overshopping. You like privacy to freely share your thoughts and ensure you can be honest with yourself. Perhaps you’ve had other addictions and really want to free yourself of this last one by getting to the root cause of your need.

And, you know the investment in yourself is worth it, because the decrease in shopping will more than pay for the program, and benefit you for the remainder of you life. On average, overshopping decreases by 80%.

If this style aligns with the way you learn, then this private coaching program for Stopping Overshopping (TM) is for you.

The Stopping Overshopping (TM) Private Coaching Program

The goal of our program is to:

  • Break the cycle that leads to compulsive buying
  • Transform from compulsive to controlled shopping
  • To teach skills, tools, and strategies to help you eliminate your compulsive buying behavior and develop the capacity to lead a richer life in the process.

Dr. Benson’s book, To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop is the basic structure of the individual work, while during each 1-hour session the program is tailored to your specific needs. Our work together approaches the problem from feeling, thinking, and behavioral levels. Coaching employs a variety of effective techniques to meet the goal of helping you to resist and eliminate self-defeating overshopping behavior. We will work to identify and replace it with interests, relationships, and competencies that enhance your life.

How It Works

We will use To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop and the companion Shopping Journals.  You can choose to curl up in a chair to think and write for your journal work, or access the work through a secure online platform to type it. Your choice.

Over the course of sessions, you will:

  • Explore why you overshop, how it all began, what triggers it, and what the consequences are.
  • Discuss your ambivalence about changing, the centrality of saving, and the high cost of credit card debt.
  • Track your spending and evaluate the relative necessity of each expenditure.
  • Learn how to resist the pull of the six major shopping magnets
  • Develop the capacity to shop mindfully by utilizing the wisdom of your body, your heart, your mind, and your spirit.
  • Find healthy alternatives based on your lifestyle
  • Learn how to anticipate lapses, avoid relapses, and plan for upcoming high risk situations.
  • Look at shopping with a wide-angle lens by shopping for ideas and experiences and, in the process, acquiring true wealth.

If you are interested in Private Coaching for Overshopping, please contact Carrie:

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