Your Client Needs Money or Overshopping Help

Its Not Your Favorite Work or Expertise

“Carrie’s coaching skills are excellent. She not only provides a safe, trusting environment where clients can honestly talk about their money challenges, but goes beyond. Carrie’s 30 years of expertise in financial services enable her to cut through industry jargon, and guide her clients toward natural, simple solutions to solve undesirable money behaviors…without deprivation.” Olivia Mellan, Psychotherapist & Founder of MoneyHarmony. Pioneer in money psychology and couples communication. Guest on Oprah, the Today Show, ABC’s 20/20, and other nationwide media. Author of 5 critically acclaimed books and a columnist for Investment Advisor Magazine.

Reduce Client Money Anxiety

Life is pretty stressful, and your clients come to you often with a number of anxieties. Underlying it all may be a money anxiety giving them headaches, tension in their neck, or a tightness in their stomach.  Helping clients cope with stress is one thing – reducing that stress by helping them better manage their everyday cash or debt is entirely another. It’s not in your scope, and you know it can help them. 

Addressing a Shopping Addiction

You have a feeling your client is using shopping as a coping behavior for uncomfortable emotions. They use it for escape, self-soothing, to take back control or myriad other reasons. With my coaching, you receive a 2-for-1 – I can help clients shift from compulsive to controlled shopping, and help them reduce their debt.

I Can Help You with Client Behaviors Such as This:

  • Clients are behind in paying you even though they are earning a good salary 
  • Professional clients feel overwhelmed by debt and don’t have a plan
  • Clients worry about not saving enough for their kids and retirement
  • They’re high salary earners and not clear where all the money goes
  • Your client may be a compulsive shopper who is conflicting with their partner, committing financial infidelity, harming themselves financially, or experiencing a shrinking world.

How I Can Help You

Many of my clients work with therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists.  My first coaching responsibility is to ensure that they share with you what they uncover in our work together. Sometimes it’s an “ah ha” moment around a money belief creating self-sabotage. Sometimes it’s a debt plan that also makes room for their values and true happiness.

And, it always involves managing their cash flow better so that they can pay you on time.

In addition to my 30 years in financial services, I have studied with both Psychotherapist Olivia Mellan, Psychologist Dr. April Benson, and am continuing my work through the Financial Therapy Association for their CFT-1 financial therapist accreditation.  

If you feel a Financial Coach with deep expertise and compassion can be an effective team member to support your client, I welcome a chat.

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