Stopping Overshopping (TM)

“One of Carrie’s greatest assets is her ability to connect with a wide range of clients who easily feel the depth of her care and commitment. I’ve repeatedly witnessed how her enthusiasm and optimism has the effect of enhancing her clients’ ability to tolerate overshopping and overspending impulses without acting on them.  She’s also very skilled at helping her clients find ways to meet their underlying authentic needs, in ways other than shopping and spending, that enhance rather than erode their lives. I recommend her without reservation.”

Dr. April Lane Benson Ph.D, Psychologist, Author, Creator of a Proven Program for Compulsive Shoppers

You’re Ready for Change

If you are on this page, your overshopping has notably affected your life in some way. You may feel that “stuff” has taken over your home. Your partner might be very frustrated with the clutter and/or your spending levels. You might also have debt that is creating anxiety, and that you may be hiding from a loved one.

Our coaching program was created by Dr. April Benson Ph.D, a psychologist and recovered compulsive shopper.  It has been proven effective in a third party study, and we continue to see its effectiveness everyday with our clients.

Our Signature Service Stopping Overshopping(TM) Coaching Program

The content and program options are so robust, we have options for every wallet size. We can also add in a debt reduction plan if needed to help you relieve money anxiety with our Private Coaching model. There are very few people in the country who can help you with both compulsive shopping and resolving your debt at the same time.

If you are interested in this program, click below to visit our Stopping Overshopping website.