“I can BREATHE. You gave me permission to prioritize the 3,000 things in my mind and I now check things off one at a time. You gave me permission to not stress over some things and to not feel bad when everything didn’t get done. I’ve learned to say no to protect myself and feel really great about it. Working with you takes away the burden of self-blame.  My approach to money is more peaceful. I wish everyone had a Carrie.” Karel Karpe, Lawyer, Single Mom Devoted to Her Son

Reducing Debt is Motivating!

You’re feeling overwhelmed. You’ve been feeding the shopping urge, and now your debt has reached an uncomfortable level. It’s unbearable, and time for change.

We can insert work on your debt in our Stopping Overshopping TM program with our Private Coaching. Our depth of expertise in both areas will help you develop an effective plan quickly, and reduce money anxiety to help you focus on success.  You will learn how to GET out of debt, and have the confidence to STAY out of debt.

You Will Learn How To: 

  • Organize and prioritize your debt
  • Understand your money flows in and out
  • Identify money you can allocate toward debt
  • Align your spending with your values
  • Ensure happiness and joy are not compromised
  • Change money behaviors
  • Shift your mindset from self-sabotage to self-care
  • Have a plan to destroy your debt and move to financial independence

We can help you can tackle your overshopping AND debt in several ways:

  1. You can start the Stopping Overshopping TM program, adding in debt management when you’re ready.
  2. You can complete the Stopping Overshopping TM program, and then tackle the debt now that you’re saving so much!
  3. If creditors are at the door, we can start with debt management first. Money awareness can help you curb your shopping.

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