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Behavioral Cents is frequently covered in the news! We talk about compulsive shopping and financial coaching.

2024 Media Coverage

Associated Press: The No-Buy Year Trend

The Cut: The Return Grift is Over

Fubar Money Show: Financial therapy

2023 Media Coverage

iHeartRadio | Newstalk 1010: Shopping addiction

Global News: Holiday Shopping Frenzy: Tips to control impulse buying in the midst of the sales.

Serial Shopper Show: Meet Carrie Rattle, Financial Therapist and Coach

Capital Current: The Shopertainment Trap

Business Insider: The Boom-Bust Generation

Digg: How Young People Wound Up Trapped In A Volatile Cycle Of Saving, Spending, And Debt That Will Haunt Them For Decades

Yahoo! Life: Stay-at-Home Girlfriends and Financial Risks

2022 Media Coverage

TIME | NextAdvisor: The Dark Side of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps

CNET: Navigating Financial Uncertainty

Big Think: Overspending? Psychological Tips to Break the Cycle

FOX13: Should Buy Now Pay Later Loans be Part of Your Strategy?

The Swaddle: How Glamorization of ‘Retail Therapy’ Prevents Us from Recognizing Shopping Addiction

CNBC: Understanding the Risks of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps

2021 Media Coverage

Y!Sports: Have You Ever Asked ‘Why Can’t I Just Stop Shopping?’

CNBC: How to be Smarter with Your Money with Inflation at Record Highs

Success Women’s Magazine: If Your Hard-Earned Money is Disappearing, You Might be Overshopping.

Refinery 29: The Pandemic has Fueled my Compulsive Shopping Disorder

Podcast with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury: “Saying No When Your Kids Ask You for Money”

CNBC: Women are More Financially Stressed than Ever

CNBC: How to Resist the Urge to Splurge in a Post-Pandemic Spending Spree

2020 Media Coverage

NextAdvisor | TIME: You Might be Overshopping without Realizing It

The Swaddle: Why Are We Turning to Retail Therapy to Cope with Quarantine Boredom?

Refinery 29: What is the future of fast fashion? It’s complicated

US News and World Report: 5 Signs you Shop too Much: Be Aware of the Signs of a Shopping Addiction or Compulsive Buying Disorder

Big Think: Retail Therapy is Proven to Work, But at What Psychological Cost?

The New Daily: Shopaholics Acquire a New Label: Buying-shopper Disorder

Big Think: The Psychology of Shopping Addiction

2019 Media Coverage

Cosmopolitan: Impulse shopping: Why You Walk Into Target for One Thing—and Walk Out With One Million Things

The Drum: Why Brands Need to Embrace Sustainability

Milk + Honey: Behavioral Shopping This is Why You May be Spending More

CMR News: Dr Oz Are You Addicted to Online Shopping?

BBC News: Fast fashion: Should we change how we think about clothes?

Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Behavioral Addiction Recovery: A Guide for Families, Friends, Colleagues, and Roommates

New York Post: New Yorkers are Paying More than $400 for Fashionable Garbage

HuffPost: Mental Illness Cleaned Out My Bank Account And Destroyed My Credit

The Press and Journal UK: The Unhealthy Consequences of our Must Have Shopping Culture


Psychology Today: Blogs To Buy or Not To Buy

Overcoming Overshopping

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