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You feel good about your career, try to stay healthy, support your family, and give to your community. You just can’t find enough time for money self-care.  

You want a plan that fits your values and doesn’t deprive you of true joys. And, you want to have enough confidence to feel like you’re making the right money decisions as you journey through life. 

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Take control. Have hope.

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You’re smart and capable. You want a thought partner who’s seen it all, and can bring to bear all that you need for the ideal solution. It may include other experts, or depth of knowledge that goes way beyond mass market programs. Will 30 years of experience in financial services, working with clients on their banking, credit cards, and investing suffice? Will training with a critically acclaimed psychotherapist Olivia Mellan on couples & money pique your interest? Perhaps 18 months of clinical training under the nationally known compulsive shopping specialist Dr. April Benson PhD will convince you that I’m serious about helping you in the best way possible? I bring all of that, with deep compassion for every client situation. I’ve seen how humans behave with their everyday money for years.

My Mission

For 30 years, I worked hard with hope and determination. When I started, women were paid 62 cents for every dollar a man made. When I reached svp level, I thought my female colleagues and I had proven we were equal. Today women are paid 82 cents. In 30 years, we’ve risen the bar by 13 cents. Its not enough.

While many of you continue the fight in corporate North America to earn an equal wage, I’m approaching it a different way. I’m going to help all who work with me to manage the money you work hard to make, as wisely as you can with Behavioral Cents (R). I’ll work with you as a professional individual, or both of you in a partnership where power, control or miscommunication get in the way.

Owner, Behavioral Cents, Carrie Rattle

I believe that money self-care is as crucial as your physical and mental health. I believe that every one of you visiting this site can do what you think is impossible with a little help. If you’re ready to take the next step forward – I’m here to walk with you. Out of love for womankind…


Financial Therapist, MBA, CDFA, AFC. CEO & Founder Behavioral Cents R

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