Compulsive Buying Training

Help Clients Reduce Anxiety and Spending

For Therapists & Financial Experts

This 12-session compulsive buying training prepares you to work with compulsive buyers who often self-identify as shopping addicts or shopaholics. We cover research on compulsive buying, as well as training in the evidence-based* program Stopping Overshopping (TM) set forth in To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop. You learn not only to successfully address the symptoms of overbuying, but also how to foster a genuine shift in perspective.

Myriad Tactics & Alternatives

In addition to our primary text, other relevant clinical and theoretical readings will further expand your thinking and your likelihood of success in working with overshopping clients.

We will share myriad tactical solutions to help clients find healthy alternatives, as well as expected behaviors along the path of recovery . You must be comfortable discussing and tracking money to be successful at this work.

Your Qualifications

Compulsive shopping is a behavioral addiction. This specialty requires depth of knowledge and accreditation in your current therapeutic or financial coaching profession, and years of experience first on the financial side if you are a Financial Coach.

You qualify for compulsive buying training as a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, LCSW or similar role in the therapeutic realm. You qualify for compulsive buying training as a CFP, AFC, CPA or other accredited role in the financial services realm.

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