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Private Coaching

Perhaps you need to pay down debt before you aggressively save. Maybe you’re trying to do either but can’t seem to work as a team. Or perhaps your debt is due to compulsive shopping. We’re one of few people in the country who can help you with your overshopping and debt at the same time.

Whatever your need is, we’ve got you covered. A summary of each program is provided below. Click on them for further details.


This program will help you prioritize your debt and build a program to pay it down, aligned with your life goals. We go beyond basic debt programs to ensure behaviors stick. Click Here.

Save Without Deprivation

We promise No Judgment, No Deprivation. Life is too short, and depriving yourself will only lead to a strong reaction, setting you back from everything you’ve worked for along the way. We believe you should maintain health and enjoy what truly makes you happy today, while saving for tomorrow. Click Here.

Partners in Love & Money

Even siblings growing up in the same household can have different money beliefs. When it comes to finding a partner, opposites attract because we admire what we don’t have. That can mean money opposites too. If you and your partner seem to be communicating on different air waves, we get it. Click Here.

Stopping Overshopping(TM)

Compulsive shopping is an addiction that leads to debt, no savings, and often partnership strife. We have a proven program that helps overshoppers and compulsive shoppers. Click Here.