Stopping Overshopping (TM)

Are You or Someone You Love a Shopaholic?

Do you shop to fill an inner void, manage your feelings, repair your mood, or pursue a “perfect” image? Are you now worried about what this behavior is costing you?

Controlling your overshopping habit can help you repair relationships, reduce clutter in your home, find hours of free time to enjoy your life, and start saving more. Our core offering is a proven program to help you have a plan, feel confident about managing your shopping, and get out of debt.

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We Start with Compassion

Shopping can be an addiction, just like any other. Its a go-to behavior when you have an emotion you just can’t bear. We know its not easy to stop, and we also know that over time its making your life smaller and more stressful. We are here to help. No Judgement. No Deprivation.

The Best of Both Worlds to Help You

The Practice of Financial Therapy involves depth of knowledge in both financial services, and therapeutic healing through mental health expertise. Dr. April Benson and Carrie Rattle have combined their extensive knowledge to build a proven program that helps you with your compulsive shopping, money beliefs, and often debt or lack of saving.

Picture of Carrie Rattle
Carrie Rattle

Carrie is an executive veteran of Wall St., with a +30-year depth of financial understanding in banking, credit cards and investing. Carrie trained under renowned Psychotherapist Olivia Mellan and under clinical supervision for 18 months with Psychologist Dr. Benson. Her mission is to deliver compassionate coaching to help clients overcome their overshopping with a tailored program to fit into your life, AND if needed, conquer your debt or lack of saving at the same time.

Picture of Dr April Benson
Dr. April Lane Benson

Dr. April Lane Benson, Ph.D., was a nationally known psychologist and published author who specialized in the treatment of compulsive buying disorders. She practiced in New York City for over 40 years with tremendous energy, curiosity of life, and a big heart. Dr. Benson was a compulsive shopper herself, and built our proven program to help compulsive over shoppers manage their shopping and fill their lives with healthier activities. Sadly, we lost April on March 29, 2021. Carrie is committed to building help for overshoppers across North America.