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“Carrie is an excellent money coach! She helped a client’s family member get back on her feet and pair down her dependency on my client’s generosity. Now my client has a better chance of reaching her own financial goals while the family member also benefits from renewed confidence in her own abilities. A total win-win and all thanks to Carrie’s efforts and the hard mental and emotional work that went into the process on all sides. Thank you Carrie! “ Curtis Hearn, CFP Wealth Advisor at Gratis Capital, GA

Videos/Books to Help

I’ve created my own tools from client experience, and mined reputable tools from the industry as well as The Financial Therapy Association. I’ve recorded a number of 3-minute videos on tips to help you with sticky subjects.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just reach out!  I’m happy to assist.

A Few Videos

You can use these yourself, or share with clients. Find more on our YouTube Channel Behavioral Cents LLC

Say NO to Adult Children without Saying NO
Lost Weight? You’ll Have Good Money Behaviors Too
Why Turnkey Debt Programs May Sabotage Your Needs

Reputable Books

Klontz, Kahler, Klontz

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