Partners in Love & Money

Live with Trust & Peace

Share Goals & Decisions

 “Carrie has helped our family get back on our feet financially. She has taught us the skills to make and stick to a budget in order to get rid of all debt while still being able to live our lives comfortably. The tools that she has provided us with will be used for the rest of our lives. Carrie came highly recommended to us by a friend, and after working with her for several months now, we understand why!” Emily Parr and Jordan Gottsegen

Peaceful Talks. Shared Goals.

Imagine transparency with each other, teamwork, and open communication. When you’re working as a partners, you have shared saving and spending goals. If your partnership is a little rocky from any of these concerns, I can help with Behavioral Cents (R) financial counseling for couples. Does this sound like you?

  • You want to split expenses, but can’t decide how
  • One partner doesn’t feel comfortable with money
  • One is a spender, one is a saver, and you can’t find common ground
  • You want a prenup, and would like to sort out money issues before you involve expensive lawyers
  • Money is being used as control, with a lack of transparency
  • A partner has been caught in Financial Infidelity

Our Signature Partners in Love & Money Coaching

It feels so great when you can have a couples’ money discussion without hurt feelings, respect the valuable input from each other, and find a resolution that works for both of you. Two heads are definitely better than one!  With our financial counseling for couples you will:

  • Identify & respect your different money beliefs
  • Align your spending and saving with your values as a couple
  • Protect the need for some independence if desired
  • Solidify your short and longer term dreams
  • Build a foundation of transparency and trust
  • Ensure happiness and joy are not compromised
  • Resolve income, expense, and asset sharing questions
  • Imagine greater money peace and trust in your partnership.

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