“I want to thank you for creating the assessment package that makes up Your Shopping Self-Portrait. You’ve taught me that shopping can be an unhealthy way of dealing with issues that have nothing to do with money or “stuff” and everything to do with who I am and how I live my life.” -L.L., Benicia, California

Feel Disciplined? Try on Your Own First

Our Self-Help Stopping Overshopping TM Program combines Dr. Benson’s book To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop and two Journals. It is a proven program that guides you through reading and exercises in digestible amounts so you can pace your journey. You build introspection, learning, and new behaviors along the way to start controlling your shopping.   

If you try the Self-Help program and you feel you need more accountability or assistance to stop shopping, your money won’t be wasted. Behavioral Cents R Private, Online with Group, and Small Group Coaching programs use the same book and journals with the added expertise of a coach, group sharing and accountability.

Podcast on “Overshopping: A Search for Ourselves in All the Wrong Places”

Do you need to explain to someone close why you can’t “just stop overshopping?”. Carrie is interviewed by Financial Advisor Shaun Maslyk on what compulsive shopping looks like, how it can hurt us, and ways to find healthier alternatives. Click Here on Spotify or Click Here on Google to listen. It can give you self-help tips, and be easily shared with others to help convey your challenges.

Wallet Reminder

Download this wallet reminder and nestle it near your credit cards. If you get into the habit of pulling this out with your credit or debit card, it will help you pause and rethink your purchase. It helps to keep it on the inside flap of your phone, on a phone screen, or near your PC as well to slow you down. Pausing between the emotional urge and the actual buying can help reduce purchases.

Click Here to Download. When you download, right click to Print.

How Will You Know You’re on the Right Track?

  • You won’t feel alone with this problem, anymore
  • You’ll see that you really can turn this ship around
  • You’ll learn how simple the actual steps can be
  • You’ll free yourself from the shame of hiding
  • You’ll feel the freedom of “true wealth”

We wish you patience, persistence, and much success.