Small Group Coaching

I am so glad I made the decision [to go through the twelve week course]! I gradually came to understand why I shopped the way I did and how to overcome the compulsion. Hearing the others in the group share their own experiences was extremely helpful; I didn’t feel so isolated anymore; my secret was out. -J. M., Oklahoma

I feel blessed to have found this program, where I discovered so many things. Though I had always rationalized my purchases, I hid them from my husband. In the group, I abandoned this denial—my first major victory. -S.T., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stopping Overshopping (TM) Small Group Program

Small Group Coaching can offer you the powerful, time-tested combination of peer support, encouragement, and feedback under the guidance of a trained professional. Your small group experience with 4-5 people will foster deep, open discussion and sharing in each full hour session. Members share triumphs and disappointments and grow from both, while reducing fear of judgment and humiliation.

We Don’t Just Sit Around and Talk

In addition to the intimate group structure, your coach will review your journal work every week and give you private feedback by email to help you connect the dots, reframe your perspective, and build awareness of your own actions. Rarely does group coaching deliver additional thought-provoking, personal feedback like this!

What Will I Learn?

  • Why you overshop, how it all began, your triggers, and the consequences
  • Build money mindfulness to help you assess the implications of your choices
  • Resist the pull of the six major shopping magnets
  • Utilize the wisdom of your body, heart, mind, and spirit
  • Anticipate lapses, avoid relapses, and plan for upcoming high risk situations.
  • Look at shopping with a wide-angle lens by shopping for ideas and experiences and, in the process, acquiring true wealth.

How Does It Work?

The Stopping Overshopping(TM) Small Group Program is a 13-week educational coaching experience designed to teach specific skills, tools, and strategies to help you eliminate overshopping. The program includes journal work and goal setting each week. This group will be conducted in a telecoaching format for clients nationwide. Each group member will receive:

To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop by April Lane Benson, Ph.D. and 2 companion journals.

What’s the Fee? 

The fee for the 13-week group is $2,899 and includes the cost of the book & journals. This isn’t just an intimate group session where you have more time to speak and share; your trained coach reviews all of your journal work every week and delivers personal feedback.

Is it worth the cost you may wonder? The average reduction in overshopping is 60%-80% in Small Group Coaching. How much do you overspend a week? How many weeks of savings would it take to pay back the cost of the program, and then continue saving for the rest of your life?

When Is The Next Group Starting?

Groups typically run in October and February, with registration a few weeks in advance.

Registration for the group starting in mid February 2024 is NOW CLOSED. Please join our waitlist below to be notified when the next group registration is getting ready to open.

I’m Interested in Group Coaching

If you’re thinking about trying this group program, ask yourself this: “Are you concerned about your shopping and spending?” If the answer is yes, we can help.

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