Private Coaching

“Not only did your advice encourage me… just hearing your voice was healing. I am rarely feeling empty or lonely these days. I have no personal debts and money in the bank. I haven’t used a store credit card since 2005”. -S.B., New York

Exclusively Tailored to Your Needs 

If you are more comfortable talking privately, or seek an accountability partner to help you achieve results, we have just what you need.

Our Signature Private Coaching program provides a deep, focused dive into your particular overshopping needs and solutions. In each session you will receive 100% focus on you, your life, your needs, and solutions that can fit into your lifestyle. 

With our Signature Private Coaching You Will:

  • Explore why you overshop, how it began, your triggers, and consequences
  • Build money mindfulness to help you assess the implications of your choices
  • Learn how to resist the pull of the six major shopping magnets
  • Utilize the wisdom of your body, heart, mind, and spirit
  • Learn how to anticipate lapses, avoid relapses, and plan for upcoming high risk situations.
  • Look at shopping with a wide-angle lens by shopping for ideas and experiences and, in the process, acquiring true wealth.

Dr. Benson’s book To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop & Journals are the basic structure of the individual work, with sessions tailored to your specific needs. It usually takes at least 13-15 sessions to complete. We go at your pace.

In Debt? We can combine our Signature Debt FREE Program with Private Coaching. 

If you are concerned about your or a loved one’s buying behavior Contact US:

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