Financial Coaching

Client with Money Anxiety?

Deep Financial Expertise to Support You

“One of Carrie’s greatest assets is her ability to connect with a wide range of clients who easily feel the depth of her care and commitment. I’ve repeatedly witnessed how her enthusiasm and optimism has the effect of enhancing her clients’ ability to tolerate overshopping and overspending impulses without acting on them.  She’s also very skilled at helping her clients find ways to meet their underlying authentic needs, in ways other than shopping and spending, that enhance rather than erode their lives. I recommend her without reservation.” Dr. April Lane Benson Ph.D., Psychologist, Author, Creator of a Proven Program for Compulsive Shoppers

Does Your Client Have Money Anxiety?

You may be helping them with the emotional side, but are you helping them with an actual plan to manage their cash?

Today, almost 80% of the population suffer from some level of money anxiety – often when they have debt, and even when they have enough. The stress caused by this problem is pervasive.  The results of being financially out of control—of living beyond one’s means—can and do exacerbate many emotional issues.  

A Financial Coach can reduce anxiety around debt or not saving enough, while you focus on the other issues at hand in therapy. This is especially useful if you are not comfortable with money yourself – either discussing it or helping someone manage it.

It’s fair to say that over 50% of our entire client base work with therapists while working with us. Our approach is simple:

  • We ask that our client tell you we exist if they come to us first
  • If you refer a client to us, we manage communication based on both of your needs & approval
  • When breakthroughs occur during session, we ask the client to share them with you
  • Our work is often a shorter time period than yours, defined by the money situation
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