Overshopping Community

Our Community is Private

Welcome! No ads, no marketplace, no selling, period. Join a safe, private community where you can talk about your overshopping challenges, and receive support from others. Share your successes and receive a thumbs up from others and feel good about your accomplishment.

Access online where you can talk with others in the comment section and join Live Meetups if you choose.

Learn From our Stopping Overshopping TM Community

Join to learn from others who have completed coaching with us, and use the community as a safety net for ongoing emotional support and tips. These graduates will share what they have learned and help you in your journey.

Our private community is managed by Carrie Rattle, a specialist in both overshopping and finances, who has coached people to success for years. Learn from her experience, and gentle coaching of others to ensure all tips are accurate and useful for your journey. You are welcome any time.