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“Carrie’s coaching skills are excellent. She not only provides a safe, trusting environment where clients can honestly talk about their money challenges, but goes beyond. Carrie’s 30 years of expertise in financial services enable her to cut through industry jargon, and guide her clients toward natural, simple solutions to solve undesirable money behaviors…without deprivation.” Olivia Mellan, Psychotherapist & Founder of MoneyHarmony. Pioneer in money psychology and couples communication. Guest on Oprah, the Today Show, ABC’s 20/20, and other nationwide media. Author of 5 critically acclaimed books and a columnist for Investment Advisor Magazine.

Focused Support for You

Whether you work with compulsive shoppers occasionally, or don’t have experience in this area of addiction, we offer several types of resources to further support you.

Specialized Client Coaching

Most of our clients have a therapist with whom they are already working and either the therapist will bring us in, or the client will seek us for specific help. Because our program is usually completed within 13-15 sessions, we can work along side you, while ensuring the client passes on any “ah ha” moments that may help your work together. We are also one of the few coaching programs that also specialize in helping the client retire their debt at the same time.

Self-Help Program

If you wish to be the discipline and accountability partner for your client, they can order the Self-Help Program with the book by Dr. April Benson “To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop” and the companion journals. We recommend weekly or bi-weekly review of each chapter to help the client maintain momentum and start feeling success.

Other Resources

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