Getting Help

Your Journey Begins

For a Healthier Life

Choices to Help You

Congratulations on taking a step to manage your overshopping. Since everyone is unique in their needs and journey, we offer a number of ways to get help. Here is a summary below, and feel free to click on what interests you to find more robust explanations on these programs.


If you have a fair amount of discipline and are truly ready to stop overshopping, our book and journals will walk you through a step-by-step program that helps you build awareness of triggers and behaviors. The program typically takes 12 sessions/weeks of work. Click Here.

Private Coaching

If you feel you need more discipline and accountability, private 1:1 coaching may be preferred. You will receive focused attention in every session and deeper dives into your journal work as well as solutions. Click Here.


Many overshoppers have also accumulated debt. We are one of very few services that can help you with your compulsive shopping as well as prioritize and reduce your debt. We can focus on either work depending on your personal circumstances. Click Here.

Group Coaching

Moral support among a small group can be very motivating, while reducing the shame you may feel when you realize others are fighting the same challenges. Click Here.

The Urge Strikes App

The Urge Strikes can be downloaded on your phone or pc. It is a program meant to help you place a pause between your urge and action to encourage reduced shopping.