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“I really value all I learned from you. Most often I’m stopped by asking: where will I put it? I’ve gradually gained a better understanding that those shopping cravings can be quieted. Thank you for everything!” -M. A., New York City

Cut out this reminder card and clip it onto your credit card or with your cash. Ask yourself and answer these questions before making a purchase. That pause can make all the difference.

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Hypnosis Download – Shopping Addiction

This downloadable audio file helps you use your unconscious mind to put space between your impulse and actual buying. It also acknowledges the fear you may have of stopping. It is $14.95.

Hypnosis Download – Stop Impulse Buying

This downloadable audio file talks about what impulses are really for, and how to avoid the urge to buy when that impulse occurs. It offers a sample download. The full recording is $14.95

You can purchase both recordings for $22.95.