Shopping Addiction Behaviors

Treat Yourself

What do Shopping Addiction Behaviors Look Like?

Are you worried that you, or someone you care for is a shopping addict? You may often think or hear phrases such as:

  • I’ve had a bad day
  • I deserve this
  • I’m going to treat myself
  • I just need a break
  • I’m only going to look, not shop

Look and listen for the phrases above if you’re not sure whether someone is a compulsive shopper. Rather than using these words occasionally, they may be heard or thought of almost daily, without a shopping addict realizing that this is a common thought pattern.

In addition, please refer to a longer list of shopping addiction behaviors below. An overshopper doesn’t have to exhibit all of these on the list – often just a few are strong enough clues to suggest seeking further help.

List of Shopping Addiction Behaviors

Need Help for Shopping Addiction Behaviors?

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