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Quick Time Savers

Find below a number of 3-minute videos. These can give you an opportunity to get to know me, my approach, and perhaps find a tip or two that may help you without having to engage a Financial Coach. It’s all about what is best for your client.

Interested in Learning More About Money Yourself? Try The Center for Financial Social Work, created by Reeta Wolfson CMSW.


Perhaps you’re looking for a tool to spark a conversation with your client. These are free and immediately downloadable. Looking for something else? Try out YouTube site Behavioral Cents LLC.

Client Vulnerability and How a Coach Sees Them
Why Turnkey Debt Programs May Sabotage Your Needs
Say NO to Adult Children Without Saying NO
Successfully Lost Weight? You’ll Have Good Money Behaviors Too
Shame Over Debt? Your Anxiety is Bigger than the Debt

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