Resources Related to Financial Literacy, Debt, and Credit


    This central site allows you to request a free credit report once every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.


    Credit expert Gerri Detweiler has collected a series of resources for individuals throughout the financial spectrum. helps visitors manage credit cards, understand credit reports, maintain debt consolidation, and exercise savvy banking. Check your financial stability and read through the the blogs of’s financial authors. You can also participate in discussion groups and find more information through the Learning Center. To read Gerri’s own blog on financial stability, visit .

  • Credit Card Insider 

The mission of Credit Card Insider is to provide actionable advice and content to help the visitor understand credit and take it into his or her own hands. The team at Credit Card Insider advocates the responsible use of credit, building and managing credit history, and making informed decisions when selecting a credit card. Providing resources for parents, teachers, and financial literacy experts, the editorial content is unbiased and understandable.

  • Debt Assistance Guru

    Tips and advice for getting out of debt no matter how serious your current problems.

  • The Delaware Money School

    The Delaware Money School, the signature program of the nonprofit Delaware Financial Literacy Institute, offers more than 500 free, no-hassle personal finance classes a year. Classes are held throughout Delaware, and there are online courses for people throughout the country. There are periodic workshops for shopaholics as well.

  • InCharge Education Foundation

    The InCharge Education Foundation provides award-winning products and materials, including a variety of innovative personal finance tools, from content-rich magazines and websites to print, CD, and web-based educational programs. All support the personal financial literacy needs of consumers worldwide. There are programs providing credit report education, and several financial education programs, including programs for K-12 children, 18-24 year olds, military families, new home buyers, the Hispanic population, and those going through bankruptcy. provides general financial education in an audio format.

  • KBK Connections

    Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, LMHC, CPCC is a national speaker, internationally published author and money coach. Her company, KBK Connections, Inc. is dedicated to empowering professional women to talk to their money and achieve financial stability. Her unique blend of financial and psychological expertise makes her a powerful money coach. She works with female entrepreneurs, executives and financial advisors providing coaching, training and consultation to increase their cents-ability.

  • Money and Empowerment

    Judith Gruber, LCSW, CCET, is a holistic psychotherapist, life and business coach, and certified core energetics therapist. She is founder and president of Money and Self-Empowerment , which is dedicated to helping people create abundance and prosperity in every area of their lives, to helping them understand and become accountable in their relationship with money; and to creating a plan for financial well-being.


    Olivia Mellan is a Washington, DC-based speaker, author, and money coach. She gives teleclasses to therapists, financial planners, coaches, and the general public on money and relationships. She speaks all over the country on a variety of money-related topics. She coaches individuals and couples in person and on the phone in connection with her money conflict resolution work.


    This governmental website is dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education. Whether your questions relate to budgeting and taxes, credit, financial planning, home ownership, kids, paying for education, retirement planning, or saving and investing, has useful and detailed information.

  • National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)

    The mission of NEFE is to help Americans acquire the knowledge and skill necessary to take control of their financial destiny. The Endowment sees itself as having “nothing to sell and a lot to tell”. NEFE provides informative and user-friendly articles, tools, and other resources. There’s a financial planning program offered to high schools that over five million high school students have been exposed to.


    A division of the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE). On this website, consumers can take a financial assessment and then, on the basis of their answers, be directed to appropriate resources. There’s also a life events and financial decisions section that helps consumers think about the financial issues that are relevant to a variety of life events and stages. In addition, you’ll find here the NEFE Financial Literacy Resource Centers, a collection of free materials contributed by many organizations and reviewed by NEFE to provide credible and unbiased information on topics such as insurance, college planning, and health and medical issues, among many others. Click here for Smart About Money.


    An online resource that helps protect you from unexpected changes to your credit report. For .95 a month, will notify it’s members about critical changes to their credit report, giving individuals the ability to track changes in their credit scores and challenge changes that could cause their scores to drop. provides suggestions for improving credit, as well as personalized explanations of credit scores.

  • Women’s Institute for Financial Education – Women’s Institute for Financial Education, is “the oldest non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial education to women in their quest for financial independence”.

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