2 Reasons Gift Cards Destroy Your Spending Plan

Gift Cards are free money aren’t they? They’re the easy yet thoughtful gift that burns a hole in our wallet until we use it.  After all, if we didn’t use it, it would be like flushing money down the toilet.  But sometimes Gift Cards aren’t really a gift.  Sometimes they become an anchor that encourages us to spend a lot more than we can afford.

Gift Cards Help You Save – Or Not

My friend and I went to a fabulous networking event at a pricey store in Manhattan. We paid a $40 entrance fee and much to our delight, received a $40 Gift Card to spend in the store.  However, almost nothing in the store could be purchased for under $100-$200. We calculated.  If we didn’t use the Gift Card we would “throw away” $40 in cash. Or we could use the “free money” and spend an unplanned $60-$160 more.  Based on pure analytics, it was not wise to use the Gift Card unless we really needed something in the store. But emotionally, we had $40 burning a hole in our wallets. Gift_Card.jpg

Fortunately, we both needed something.  I needed a wallet because the change was falling out of a hole in my current wallet. The game then, was to try to get what we needed while not blowing the spending plan. Or, walk out the door without buying. Wallets on the main floor were $176 and too expensive.  On the 2nd floor, wallets were half price. The deal side of my money brain perked up. I shopped and found a beautiful, well made leather wallet on sale for $88. With my Gift Card of $40, it was $48 before tax. This was an acceptable expense for me. 

Is Your Gift Card Truly a Gift?

 The Gift Card was truly a gift because:

  1. I was able to save on something I really needed.
  2. The final cost of an item was within my spending plan for the year.

Several of the women purchased expensive jewelry with their $40 Gift Card.  Was their Gift Card truly a gift or did they just feel rich and compelled to spend money needlessly? Only they can answer that.  Next time we buy Gift Cards for someone, it pays to question whether we are truly gifting. Does the recipient  need something that can be found in the store, and will the total expenditure be affordable for them?

Or, was it an easy way out for us that will become a money dilemma for the receiver?Related Topic: Do Items on Sale Help Your Budget? Maybe Not.

How Do I Think About Money?

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By Carrie Rattle

Carrie Rattle is a Principal at BehavioralCents.com, a website for women focused on mind and money behaviors. She has worked in the financial services industry for 20+ years and hopes to inspire women to better prepare themselves for financial independence. Read More

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