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Peace. Control. Confidence

You feel good about your career, try to stay healthy, support your family, and give to your community. You just can’t find enough time for money self-care.  

You want a plan that fits your values and doesn’t deprive you of true joys. And, you want to have enough confidence to feel like you’re making the right money decisions as you journey through life. 

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Take Control. Have Hope.

Save without Deprivation

Have Choices. Feel Free

Aligned in Love & Money

Have Trust and Peace

Stopping Overshopping

Love Life. Love Yourself.

Deep Expertise Focused 100% on You

You’re smart and capable. You want a thought partner who’s seen it all, and can bring to bear all that you need for the ideal solution. It may include other experts, or depth of knowledge that goes way beyond mass market programs. Will 30 years of experience and training under two renowned money psychology experts suffice? I bring all of that, with deep compassion for every client situation.

I believe that money self-care is as crucial as your physical and mental health. I believe that every one of you visiting this site can do what you think is impossible with a little help. If you’re ready to take the next step forward – I’m here to walk with you. Out of love for womankind…


Financial Therapist, MBA, CDFA, AFC

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