Residential Programs

The Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery:

The Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery offers comprehensive evaluation and in- and outpatient treatment for spending addictions. Their website provides in-depth information about substance addiction and compulsive behaviors as well as assistance and education resources for individuals, families and employers. To inquire about IIAR programs and services, contact Rick Zehr, Vice President of Addiction and Behavioral Services at 800-522-3784 or by e-mail at Rick Zehr (

Onsite Workshops:

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Onsite Workshops has created a 5 1/2 day Healing Money Issues program designed to help people examine the life experiences that have shaped their current relationship with money as well as process feelings and explore behaviors that are attached to these beliefs. The Wall Street Journal referred to this workshop as “an innovative effort that combines Experiential Therapy with nuts and bolts financial planning”. To read about this program, go to: Money Rehab Offers Hope for Some Financially-Troubled Americans, ’20/20′ Goes Inside Country’s Only Treatment Center for Money Disorders.

Kahler Financial Group:

Kahler Financial Group is a leader in combining the nuts and bolts of financial planning with financial therapy. They sponsor several different weekend and week-long workshops that can be of tremendous help to overshoppers, to overshoppers and their spouses, and to parents of overshoppers. For details about these workshops and a schedule, go to their Events Page.

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