Stopping Overshopping for Clothing

April Lane Benson In Conversation With Jill Chivers

Are you spending a lot on clothes you don’t need and don’t wear?
Are shoes your Achilles heel when it comes to overshopping?
Are you feeling guilty, ashamed, or confused about all this?
Do you want to have more control but don’t know where to start?
Have you tried to stop overshopping, but been unable to?

If you’re ready to learn the secrets others have used to rein in their runaway habit —

and still look and feel great every day, this session is for you.


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This session will help you discover:

  • What’s at the root of purchases you later regret and use that information to buy more mindfully.
  • How to make friends with money, feel good about the way you look, and not feel deprived.
  • How to tap into the hidden mileage and magic in your wardrobe.

Who should attend?

This session is for you if…
  • You like to look stylish and want the self-respect that comes with being in control of your shopping (and your money).
  • You like variety in your wardrobe but you don’t like looking at your maxed out credit card statements.
  • You wear only a fraction of your clothes and you’re sick of looking at those unworn items hanging in your closet. (Most women wear 20 – 30% of their wardrobes – learn how to get much greater usage out of your current wardrobe.)

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When? Tuesday,  December 6, 2011 at 9pm Eastern time in the U.S.

(click here to find the time zone in your area).

How long? The session is 60 minutes.

How Much? This session is being offered free of charge.

After the session you will be:

  • Tuned into the triggers that set off your unhealthy shopping – and know what you can do about them.
  • In possession of a simple, powerful tool for sensible spending you can start using straight away.
  • Able to locate, engage with, and make the most of the hidden mileage that exists in your own wardrobe.
  • Powerfully equipped to stop overshopping for clothes, and still look and feel good every day.


Your session leaders:
April Lane Benson is a clinical psychologist, one of only a handful of therapists in the U.S. who specialize in the treatment of people with shopping problems. In private practice in New York City for over 35 years, Dr. Benson is the author of To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop and the editor of I Shop, Therefore I Am: Compulsive Buying and the Search for Self.  Dr Benson works with individuals and groups, trains therapists, is conducting research into the efficacy of the Stopping Overshopping model of treatment, and maintains a comprehensive and informative website for overshoppers and the people who love them.


Jill Chivers is the creator of the award-winning website and 12 month online program My Year Without Clothes Shopping, which she created after completing her own “year without clothes shopping” in December 2010. Jill is an energetic and empathic workshop leader, having created and facilitated profound learning experiences for over a decade as a certified professional facilitator and owner of her own facilitation company in Australia. A confirmed clothes lover, Jill is now an advocate for conscious shopping and has created many resources and programs to help other women slay their shopping dragon and journey back to a healthy relationship to shopping.


If you want to sample what Jill and I will be offering next week,  here are two clips from a radio show that we were both on recently.


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