Supervision and Courses


The prevalence of compulsive buying is increasing and clinicians are seeing more and more people with buying problems. Dr. Benson is available for in-person or telephone supervision with therapists, counselors, and coaches who want help with current clients or want to begin working with compulsive buyers. She is also available to teach helping professionals about the treatment of compulsive buying and will tailor course material to suit the individual needs of the interested organization or group.

Seminars for Colleges and Universities

Compulsive buying is a serious problem among college aged students, where it is almost twice as prevalent as in older adults. Indeed, the aggressive marketing of credit cards to college students is now considered a bigger problem on campuses than alcoholism and sexually transmitted diseases. Debt has been linked to suicide in a number of recent cases. Dr. Benson has spoken to mental health clinicians at the Furman Counseling Center at Barnard College and at the Office of Student Services at Hunter College (both in New York) about compulsive buying in college students.  She would be happy to speak to students and/or the mental health staffs at other college and university counseling centers.

If you’re interested in inviting Dr. Benson to speak, please contact her by clicking here.

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