4 Week Course # 2 Treatments

Session 2: What Works and Why: Forms of Treatment and Treatment Adjuncts

In this session we’ll survey the various forms of treatment and treatment adjuncts that are currently being used with overshoppers. We’ll review some of the treatment research and then focus on particular tools, skills, and strategies that are known to help people with compulsive buying disorder. And finally we’ll look at the issue of how, when, and whether to integrate specific compulsive buying interventions into ongoing psychotherapy.

Readings (click on title to access except those from the book you bought for the course, Compulsive Buying: Clinical Foundations and Treatment):

a. “Treating Compulsive Buying” by April Benson and Marie Gengler in Handbook of Addictive Disorders: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, edited by Robert Coombs, Wiley, 2004, p. 451-491

b. “Acquisitive Desire: Assessment and Treatment” by Kottler, Montgomery and Shepard in Psychology and Consumer Culture, edited by Kasser and Kanner, American Psychological Association Books, 2004, p. 149-167.

c. “Overview of Treatment for Compulsive Buying” by Kristine Steffen and James Mitchell in Compulsive Buying: Clinical Foundations and Treatment, edited by Astrid Mueller and James Mitchell, Routledge, 2010, p. 129-148.

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