‘High-end’ Hoarder Buried Home

Many women -and men too – love shoes, but when you have over $20,000 worth of them, it’s probably time to reconsider your consumption. Monte, a retired teacher, had “mountainous piles” of shoes. “I was shopping myself to death,” Monte admitted in August of last year. She attributes her shopping addiction to a painful divorce, which prompted her to start shopping at resale shops. The “high” she got from getting a bargain helped her forget her troubles and kept her from getting too close to anyone after the divorce, but¬†distanced her from her son as well. She recently appeared on the TV show Hoarders, which she says will help her “to move forward.”

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By Carrie Rattle

Carrie Rattle is a Principal at BehavioralCents.com, a website for women focused on mind and money behaviors. She has worked in the financial services industry for 20+ years and hopes to inspire women to better prepare themselves for financial independence. Read More