Do you have an overshopper or overspender in your life? Unique holiday gift idea!

  • Have you been watching a loved one struggle with overshopping or overspending for some time?
  • Do you feel helpless and wish you could help them change this behavior for the better?
  • Are you concerned about his or her behavior affecting your own financial health?
  • Perhaps your loved one has looked into coaching or psychotherapy before, but hasn’t been able to afford it or needs some extra help.If this is the case…

Consider gifting them the Stopping Overshopping Text Messaging Program for the holidays

This gift will keep on giving by helping your loved one shop and spend mindfully and stay connected to what really matters in life.

This personalized, interactive program has been developed to help people who are struggling to get their shopping and spending issues under control. We’ve received extremely positive feedback from program users. Read some of their comments below. We are confident that your loved one will benefit from the program, too!

Want to learn more about this program?
Click here to listen to the replay of the webinar we held on April 22. 

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Note: The purchasing page asks for issue number and start date in the debit card tab. These fields aren’t mandatory, so you do not have to fill them out.

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Why This Program Is Different

We are so excited about this program. Not only is it more affordable than other types of shopping addiction help, it’s also available anywhere, anytime. Our program is the first personalized, interactive text messaging program to help people stop overshopping and overspending.

Text messaging programs have been shown to help people with smoking cessation, cut down on their use of alcohol, and ameliorate other impulsive and compulsive behaviors.

When your loved one begins the program, he/she answers a series of questions that allows us to personalize the text messages to the individual. This ensures that we send your loved one messages that will specifically help him/her in the areas of greatest struggle.

Your loved one will be receiving texts that are informational, directive, benefit-oriented, motivational, and inspirational.

We’re there with program users multiple times per day, helping them to stay mindful of why it makes sense to change, and offering various types of advice about how best to go about changing. The texts help overshoppers to make it through challenging times without falling prey to urges to overshop or overspend, and emerge, over time, stronger and more skillful.

How Much Does This Cost?

The cost of this program is only $24.95 for three months. Isn’t it worth the cost of one week at Starbucks to find out if this could make a huge change in your loved one’s life?

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You May Think This Sounds Hopeful, But Still Have Some Questions:

My loved one has tried to stop so many times. Why will this be different?

These texts will feel like they’re reminders coming from very good friends. Your loved one will be able to reach out and ask for help 24/7, whether he/she is experiencing an impulse to shop or has actually started to shop or spend.  The program will email back immediately to help him or her come down off the emotional ledge. The system will even check in with him or her  ten minutes later as to whether the urge is still there or has passed, and based on the response, send one more text. The key to a successful text messaging program is tailoring and interactivity; this program incorporates both.

How can text messaging really help with any meaningful change?

Study after study shows you’re much more likely to go to the gym if you have a friend to go with and be accountable to. Same with going to doctor appointments. You’re much more likely to go if you’re reminded.

The same concept is built into a text messaging program. Text messaging reminders have been shown to significantly increase positive health behaviors in multiple arenas, including diabetes self management, smoking cessation, maintenance of treatment gains in bulimic individuals, and in weight loss. Those who are already on the path to a healthier life are more likely to continue on that path when text messaging is used.


How Can Your Loved One Get Started?

For your loved one to receive the benefits of this new program, simply click I Want To Give This Gift!

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Here is What Program Users Have to Say About The Program

“Dr. April Benson’s text messaging program is highly valuable for the motivated over spender. It can be a very useful tool to help users reconsider their motives and to take that all-important moment to pause, before succumbing to self-defeating shopping and buying.”
–Dr. Robi Ludwig, New York, New York


“I found these concise texts helped me to remain mindful of what really counts in life–and that is not shopping! These wonderful reminders gave me the ammunition I needed to summon the strength to resist the impulse to shop.”
–M.A. New York, New York


“Thank you for your support and encouragement, via this brilliantly helpful text program. These texts have been ENORMOUSLY helpful for me. I have not over shopped at all since I first began receiving them. Thank you.”
–D.S., New York, New York

By Carrie Rattle

Carrie Rattle is a Principal at, a website for women focused on mind and money behaviors. She has worked in the financial services industry for 20+ years and hopes to inspire women to better prepare themselves for financial independence. Read More