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We have received wonderful testimonials from both referral partners and clients! Our referral partners are experts in both mental health and financial services. Our clients are nationwide!

Sometimes our client testimonials don’t have full names, but hopefully you will appreciate that some professionals are private about their situations. We assure you these testimonials are real, and we insist on operating with integrity. This is our brand we live by.

I have referred several of my clients to Carrie…..

Carrie is one of the few Accredited Financial Counselors in the country who has expertise working with shopaholics. She was able to help one of her many clients save $7,500 a month through her program. Carrie brings peace to peoples’ money relationship, helping to put them on solid financial footing, which is even more important now, in the time of COVID-19. I have referred several of my own clients to her, who were having trouble in their lives and relationships because of their issues around money, and she has always been incredibly insightful and helpful!

         Stacy Francis, CFP(R) CDFA(R) CES (R), CEO Francis Financial and Founder of Savvy Ladies. Top 10 Best Financial Advisors NY 2016-2020. Multiple Award Winner

..Just hearing your voice was healing…

Not only did your advice encourage me… just hearing your voice was healing. I am rarely feeling empty or lonely these days. I have no personal debts and money in the bank. I haven’t used a store credit card since 2005. -S.B., New York

You provided a warm place to land with real help

You provided a warm place to land with real help and no recriminations! I read your book like it was champagne. I learned so much from the exercises of the program and the warm uplifting talks we had. I learned to use tools that I never knew were out there. What you have is a godsend for people like me and I can only believe there are still thousands out there you need to be there for. I feel that it’s at the core of my soul that I changed. I am a very different person today, thanks to you. -L.S., Sandusky, OH

April Benson’s course is highly valuable

April Benson’s course is highly valuable. It opened my eyes to why I overshop and gave me the tools to stop doing it. The course was wonderful–concise and meaty. April Benson is a dynamic speaker, and her materials and exercises and groupwork combine joy and seriousness. -M. F., New Jersey

I feel blessed that Carrie came into my life

I have been fortunate during this year to be introduced and work with Carrie Rattle.  I feel very blessed that Carrie came into my life.  We worked through the book and workbook  in the program and discussed at length ideas that I put into place to control my spending and decide what was important for me to spend on and what was not. And ways to pause  to think about what I was doing before I acted on spending in any given situation. I came away from this with a wonderful awareness of what is important and what is not.  Thank u Carrie Rattle!    With gratitude S.E.

..Now shopping is a pleasurable….well thought out plan

Working with you on compulsive shopping was most helpful. Now shopping is a pleasurable, carefully thought out plan, fulfilling and not disappointing. -T. S., Houston, TX

The skills developed in your group are highly valuable

I want to thank you for your understanding and compassion in dealing with my compulsive shopping/spending problem. The skills I developed in your group are helping me to grow and learn and gain more control over my compulsive shopping. -G. G., New York

Each person is an individual not a text book case

Dr. Benson is a warm and caring person who offers practical solutions to seemingly complicated shopping problems. She reaches out to each person as an individual and not as a textbook case. -Sober Shopper

..these spending patterns were not only excessive but serious,

When I came to Carrie, I was in a state of financial vagueness. I grew up privileged with parental support for college and medical school. I had no concept about financial planning. I learned patterns of overspending in adolescence. Despite excelling in my medical career, I lacked the insight to accept that these spending patterns were not only excessive but very serious – enough to cause long term repercussions. Working with Carrie was an epiphany. Carrie had a very specific program that incorporated financial strategies, cognitive-behavioral approaches and exercises to identify and understand maladaptive patterns. This journey would not have been possible without Carrie’s supportive, caring manner which enabled the work necessary to understand sound financial behaviors. Now, instead of living in a financial fog, I have emerged empowered and more financially stable. D.C. Arizona

I don’t need merchandise to feel valued anymore

I don’t need [merchandise from top stores to feel valued] anymore. And I owe that to your help for which I can never thank you enough. I feel so different, so relaxed and unburdened. My Master Card dropped 66% in one month. -S.T., Houston, Texas

Six months later I feel in control on the internet

Finding April and completing her telephone support group quickly got me off the [internet shopping] hook. The systematic and comprehensive approach really “gets” the overshopping compulsion. Six months later, I feel in control on the internet. At last, I’ve developed a happy and healthy relation to shopping. -J. E., Los Angeles

Shopping can be an unhealthy way of dealing with issues…

I want to thank you for creating the assessment package that makes up Your Shopping Self-Portrait. You’ve taught me that shopping can be an unhealthy way of dealing with issues that have nothing to do with money or “stuff” and everything to do with who I am and how I live my life. -L.L., Benicia, California

I’ve learned more about myself than I thought possible

I’ve learned more about myself and my addiction in the last twelve weeks than I ever thought possible. Breaking down the experience into small steps, really understanding my emotional state and how it impacted my addiction—these were vital for my healing. April guided it all, melding warmth, clarity, and the setting of realistic goals. -K.C., New York, New York

I feel blessed to have found this program

I feel blessed to have found this program, where I discovered so many things. Though I had always rationalized my purchases, I hid them from my husband. In the group, I abandoned this denial—my first major victory. -S.T., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Your program changed my life

Your program changed my life. Instead of being bogged down by overshopping, I have more time and I am enjoying little things more than ever before. My feeling of hope is propelling me towards new and better things then spending. -MJF, New Jersey

I am so glad I made the decision

I am so glad I made the decision [to go through the twelve week course]! I gradually came to understand why I shopped the way I did and how to overcome the compulsion. Hearing the others in the group share their own experiences was extremely helpful; I didn’t feel so isolated anymore; my secret was out. -J. M., Oklahoma

The group has been very helpful to me

The group has been very helpful to me in many ways. The group has helped me with specific strategies to overcome my behavior and I now find myself more mindful when I do shop. I feel like I have turned the corner in becoming the type of person I want to be. -J. F., Virginia

Grateful to have discovered Stopping Overshopping

I am grateful to have discovered the Stopping Overshopping Program. I have made significant changes in my shopping & spending behaviour. I am now enjoying a sense of freedom from the constant pull to acquire material items. I highly recommend this comprehensive and holistic program that is supported with excellent resources. -ML Sydney, Australia

I value all I learned from you

I really value all I learned from you. Most often I’m stopped by asking: where will I put it? I’ve gradually gained a better understanding that those shopping cravings can be quieted. Thank you for everything! -M. A., New York City

It has freed me from guilt and shame

April Benson’s Stopping Overshopping Program has changed my life. By helping me become aware of the roots of my money behavior and by fostering compassion for myself, it has freed me from the burdens of guilt and shame. -C. B., New York, New York