Media Coverage

2021 Media Coverage

The Power Shift Podcast: In Your Power with Money

Dr. Sharon Melnick is a wonderful Leadership Coach for women. Here podcast The Power Shift is a GREAT one to follow.

Podcast Breaking Money Silence: Saying No When You’re Kids Ask You for Money

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury has been dealing with Breaking Money Silence for decades and works with advisors on this topic to assist them with their clients.

CNBC Women are More Financially Stressed than Ever

CNBC Resist the Urge to Splurge in a Post-Pandemic Spending Spree

Podcast The Most Hated F Word – Overshopping: Looking for Ourselves in All the Wrong Places

Shaun Maslyk is a very approachable Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who likes to dive into the emotional side of money.

Success Women’s Magazine: If Your Hard-Earned Money is Disappearing You Might be Overshopping