Other Resources for Overshoppers

Conscious Bookkeeping:

Conscious Bookkeeping: Bari Tessler is a financial therapist and coach who has teaches people how to build their own bridges between money, body, mind and spirit. She has recently launched a self-guided, step-by-step home study course to help people replace their old money stories and habits with honest and reassuring new ones.

Daily Strength:

Daily Strength is an active online support forum with a shopping addiction support group. Individuals can post discussion comments and questions to peers in order to get advice, help concerning treatments, and moral support.

Debtors Anonymous:

Debtors Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from compulsive debting. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt. There are no dues or fees for D.A. membership.

For an article that describes how DA works, click here.

There are D.A. meetings in every state, as well as telephone and online meetings.

Hey BIG Spender:

Hey BIG Spender is a UK site that is raising awareness and enabling people to recognise, address and change their costly spending habits for sustainable change.  Ann Carver the founder and recovered spendaholic, turned to shopping after the loss of 3 family members, which later created more pain of debt…now debt free she is on a mission to help others get a grip and treasure themselves once more www.heybigspenders.co.uk


This 18 minute downloadable audio file details the steps in the compulsive buying cycle and uses guided imagery and visualization to help overshoppers gain control.


This website provides an online, interactive self-help program for illuminating compulsive shopping. It is staffed by healthcare professionals to aid people in improving their quality of life. There’s a discussion board for both members and visitors, a free newsletter, and a free online program about how to help loved ones cope with issues.

Shop Your Wardrobe:

The Shop Your Wardrobe program is a 12 month online program for women who want to develop a healthier relationship to shopping who want support and inspiration to do it.  Each month of the year-long course has a new theme, all designed to give you the tools, ideas and practical know-how to slay your shopping dragon.  The program is delivered online, with a Weekly Lesson delivered fresh into your inbox, supported by a Weekly Resource that illustrates key concepts and encourages action – check out the program at www.shopyourwardrobe.com

Shopping Addicts Only:

This Yahoo online support group is a forum in which people overshoppers seek and provide support, guidance, and companionship for other overshopperss that also have a shopping addiction. It is free of charge. After becoming a member, a person can post messages on a message board, contact other members, and gain access to helpful links.

The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft and Spending:

Compulsive shoplifting and employee theft, though distinct from compulsive buying, are often related to it. Terry Shulman is a therapist, attorney, consultant, and certified professional coach, who specializes in both of these areas. He also does counseling for compulsive shopping/spending.


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