Resources for people who hoard and their families

Buried in Treasures:

Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving, and Hoarding: by David F. Tolin, Randy O. Frost and, Gail Steketee.

Buried in Treasures outlines an effective, scientifically-based program for helping compulsive hoarders dig their way out of the clutter and chaos of their homes. Features of this book include: Self-assessments to determine the severity of the problem; Tips and tools for organizing possessions and filing paperwork; Strategies for changing unhelpful beliefs about possessions; Behavioral experiments to reduce the anxiety of discarding.

The Compulsive Hoarding Website of the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation:

This website provides information and assistance to people who hoard and to their families. Included on the site is a useful definition of hoarding, professional articles on multiple aspects of hoarding, a research digest for hoarding-related scientific papers, information about self-help and support groups, a hoarding/compulsive buying screening test, and other useful information about this medical disorder. You can contact the Obsessive Compulsive Foundation by telephone at 203-401-2070.

We recommend that clients/families with hoarding issues seek the help of a licensed professional with specialized training in treating compulsive hoarding. For a list of clinicians who provide treatment for compulsive hoarding as well as other important information about hoarding behavior, go to, and they will e-mail this information to you.

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The New England Hoarding Consortium:

New England Hoarding Consortium newsletter will provide you with the latest information coming out of our research studies on compulsive hoarding, recently-published findings from other researchers, and our responses to some of the important questions people ask on our web site ( We also feature essays on important clinical and research topics written by members of our staff. To access the newsletter, click here