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Radio Show Broadcast Title Date Aired Click the Radio to Listen
BYUradio Determine if Your Online Shopping Is Becoming Compulsive May 29th, 2019 Radio Icon
BBC Radio 5 Live Nobody Told Me that you can never get enough of what November 21st, 2018 Radio Icon
 Marketplace For U.S Travelers to the U.K. and the Eurozone, currency conversion consunmrum August 22nd, 2018 Radio Icon
NPR On Point The Link Between Online Shopping and Hoarding August 23rd, 2018 Radio Icon
Bad With Money with Gabby Dunn The High of the Buy July 10th, 2018 Radio Icon
Smart Women’s Empowerment To Buy or Not to Buy: Why we Overshop and How we can Stop April 10th, 2018 Radio Icon
Spark Joy Podcasts Shopaholic No More with Dr. April Benson April 3rd, 2018 Radio Icon
Nobody Told Me …How to stop overshopping January 26th, 2018 Radio Icon
Principal Broadcasting  April Benson, PhD August 31, 2017 Radio Icon
Psych Up Live with VoiceAmerica “From Compulsive Shopping in the US to Preventing HIV/AIDS With Teens in Africa” January 5, 2017 Radio Icon
Breaking Money Silence with KBK Wealth Connection “Myth: Whoever said money can’t buy happiness just didn’t know where to shop” July 27, 2016 Radio Icon
On the Money Radio with Steve Pomeranz “Are You a Shopaholic? Know the Signs, Break the Habit” June 3, 2015 Radio Icon
Everyday Health on Dr. Radio “Dr. April Benson” December 2, 2014 Radio Icon
Real Money with David Holland “April Benson, Author of To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop October 1, 2014 Radio Icon
Real Money with David Holland “Compulsive Shopping Disorder” December 20, 2013 Radio Icon
National Public Radio “I Love To Shop, But Do I Have A Shopping Problem?” December 18, 2013 Radio Icon
Psych Up “Compulsive Shopping – Is There a Way to Stop?” December 14, 2013 Radio Icon
The Record “Black Friday A Dark Time For Compulsive Shoppers” December 2, 2013 Radio Icon
Voices in the Family “Compulsive Buying Disorder” July 15, 2013 Radio Icon
KCBS All News Radio “Shopping Addiction” March 29, 2013 Radio Icon
Deborah Owens, Wealthy Radio “Financial Investing and Overspending” January 15, 2013

Institute For Challenging Disorganization   “Is Your Client a Compulsive Buyer”? April 2012 Radio Icon
The Diane Rehm Show “Shopping Addiction” December 19, 2012 Radio Icon
BridgetteRaes on Blog Talk Radio “Do You Have a Shopping Addiction” October 2012
Coach Lynn Johnson’s Radio Show “Are You a Shopaholic?” November 30, 2011 Radio Icon
Tommy Schnurmacher Show CJAD 800 “Are You Addicted To Shopping Guest April Benson” December 16, 2011 Radio Icon
Mix106 Andrew & Claire “The Brighter Side of Breakfast” October 20, 2011 Radio Icon
Something You Should Know “When Shopping Becomes a problem” September 1, 2010 Radio Icon “Stop Overshopping” December 22, 2009 Radio Icon
It’s Your Health Radio “Stopping Overshopping” March 18, 2010 Radio Icon
Martha Trowbridge Radio “Stopping Overshopping” August, 2009 Radio Icon
CJOB68 Corus Winnipeg “Stopping Overshopping” November 30, 2009 Radio Icon
Home and Family Finance “Stopping Overshopping” December 20, 2009 Radio Icon
Institute For Challenging Disorganization “Compulsive Buying” September, 2009 Radio Icon
AM920 – CKNX – Phil and Scotty in the Morning “Stopping Overshopping” May 6, 2009 Radio Icon
Blog Talk Radio “Retail Therapy: When is it time to stop shopping?” May 15, 2009 Radio Icon
Your Money Matters
with Mark Pearlman
“To Buy or Not To Buy?” June, 2009 Radio Icon
Blog Talk Radio “To Buy or Not To Buy?” April 15, 2009 Radio Icon
Brian Lehrer Show
“Compulsive Shopping” January 29, 2009 Radio Icon
The Late Afternoon Show with Larry Shannon “To Buy or Not to Buy” Part 1 February 5, 2009 Radio Icon
The Late Afternoon Show with Larry Shannon “To Buy or Not to Buy” Part 2 February 5, 2009 Radio Icon
Voices in the Family “Compulsive Shopping” December 1, 2008 Radio Icon
Women’s Day Radio “Shopaholics Anonymous” December 8, 2008 Radio Icon
Radio Health Journal
“Stopping Overshopping” December 14, 2008 Radio Icon
Radio Health Journal “Sadness and Spending” May 18, 2008 Radio Icon
98FM Radio
(Dublin, Ireland)
“The Inbox” March 26, 2008 Radio Icon
KDKA Radio
Pittsburgh, PA
“Now You Know” January 21, 2008 Radio Icon
ABC National Radio
“Life Matters: Compulsive Shopping Talkback” December 14, 2007 Radio Icon
Air America Radio “Marc Sussman’s
Money Message”
November 24 , 2007 Radio Icon
Air America Radio “Marc Sussman’s
Money Message”
July 14, 2007 Radio Icon
State of Affairs on NPR “Compulsive Shopping” June 15, 2007 Radio Icon
Project Health Radio “Soft Addictions” January 2007 Radio Icon
WWDB Philadelphia “Money Harmony” December 20, 2006 Radio Icon