Stop the Shopping Insanity Testimonials

“I just wanted to tell you that you did a fabulous job with these interviews. I thought all three were excellent. You asked such thoughtful questions and were able to add such valuable insights and resources. This is a terrific resource to have available for people. I hope you’ll continue having these types of conversations.”

Dori Mintzer

“I just wanted to say thank you for the informative and honest session yesterday evening.  It was especially relevant to my own situation in some ways.  I took notes throughout the talk and actually had a conversation with my husband about what I had learned.  It also enabled me to look deeper into the reasons “why” I do what I do.  I was able to identify the time when my overshopping problems began and look at a progression of events during that time. I had not really thought about it up to this point.  I still have a long road ahead of me in terms of paying off the debt and changing some of my behaviors but I felt renewed hope after listening to the talk.  Sometimes I can be my harshest critic and the discussion about forgiveness was so helpful. Thanks again for offering this series of phone seminars.  I look forward to listening in on next week’s talk.”

Susan from Pennsylvania

“I just got off the call.  It was great!  Alexis was terrific and so were you.  I really liked the questions you asked and the sensitivity with which you asked them.  Looking forward to the next conversations.”


“Thank you again for another great conversation!  Neradine was terrific as was her story.  It’s amazing what she was able to accomplish on her own without support.  I can only imagine the role that having support plays during this process.  I’m sure that the people you help are forever grateful for the support and connections that you make.”

Linda Samuels

“I think you have a terrific series here! I was really touched by how open and honest these women were. Clearly they had hit some low points in their lives and managed to break patterns of behavior that were self-sabotaging (which is no easy feat as we know). I am always inspired by such courage, as we know how much it takes to make permanent changes. Your own clarity and preparedness on not just the topic but their books too made it such a flowing experience to listen to.”

Helen Kim

“I just wanted to tell you how happy I was to have gotten in on this series.  You made it so easy to hear the call at a later date, and I’m saving them to play again.  What a great idea this was and you did an amazing job interviewing these women!   I could relate to their struggles, but now I’m extra, EXTRA grateful to have found you and had the opportunity to deal with my problem with you, your work and our group.  Last year, I couldn’t imagine enlisting friends and family to help me shop less, and I’d tried many times to stop overshopping on my own.  It’s been a year since we began our group and it’s breathtaking how much my life and shopping issues have improved.

I was particularly intrigued by Neradine’s story and could relate to a lot of what she said about her overshopping, except her initial disdain for hobbies.  I’ve always considered myself an unapologetic hobbyist.  Anyway, her desire to be a very conscious shopper and that she also meditates intrigues me.  I ordered her book.  I may order the others, but plan to buy only after I’ve read one and am ready for the next.

The series was also a great boost at this point for me. Thank you again for your work, April.  It is truly a gift.

I think many of us simply wanted to hear from women who have been stuck in the same addiction but now have a grip on it.  I sensed the audience wanted to know how these women measured their success as sober shoppers and how they stayed sober. I thought it was good to hear about the individual strategies these women came up with to overcome the shopping habit, especially for those who think they don’t have the time, money or access to professional help.  Each of the women had insights on overshopping that struck a chord with me.”

Jane Alcala  

“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the three weekly teleconferences with the three ladies who had written books about their experiences. I have not shopped for clothes, shoes or jewelry since May 22nd. My goal is not to shop for any of those items for one year. I had gotten to where I was “shopping” every day. I have ordered your latest book and am looking forward to gaining more insight into my addiction.”

Judy Marlow
Oklahoma City, OK 

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